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week 29 theme

To honour Kaidou and Inui in the latest PoT chapters --
the theme will be blood/wounds/pain (kind of?)!
It can be as simple as Eiji's or Marui's bandaid, or it could be Kirihara getting beat up all bloody, or Ryoma's eye getting sliced in half, basically.
It can also be something like Shirota bopping Kaji on the head, or Wada strangling Araki.
It CAN'T just be someone having a painfull look on their face.
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Also, I have a question for you guys:
How many of you like making Tenimyu icons? You know you can use any magazine article with them in it you want, right? No one really submits any Tenimyu icons.
If I made a theme that was provided image, and gave you a Tenimyu picture, would you participate?

Week 28 results are up here.
Suggest a theme here!!
LIMS3 week 1 is open here!
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suggestion post!

Good morning again! (:
This is a suggestions post! Mainly for new themes, but you can suggest new rules and other stuff that you think will make this community better.
They will all be taken into consideration, but I can't guanrantee that they'll be put into effect. (:

We need new themes!!
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LIMS3 week 1

Hi guys! Time to start... LIMS 3!! YAY!!
Here are the participants:

The theme will be eyes. For example you can emphasize them. Whether you repeat the image and just have the eyes, or color the eyes more brightly, or whatever, that'd be ok. You can also just mention them in your icon, or whatever.
Deadline will be Friday, September 28th. 2 weeks, guys!!
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Don't forget about voting for week 28!! We need more votes!
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week 28 voting

Gooood mornig!! Actually it's 10:22pm here, but I'm sure it's morning somewhere.
I'm here to post week 28 voting~ We got lots of entries!! (well, not too many.) 7 lovely icons!
Also, LIMS3 signup will be extended until Friday, September 14th because we only have 6 people. Sorry for delay!! Previously, we always had 8... I'd like to get it up to that number, or over! Sign up here!

It'd be cool if you guys could give me feedback on the theme's I choose. Just a simple "this theme was cool!" or "I'd prefer different themes from now on" would be fine. (: I think I'm going to have a theme-suggestion post comming up!

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Have a happy Rosh Hashanah, for those celebrating. No school tomorrow
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Just a reminder that you can still enter week 28: provided doujinshi here!! :D We have three icons, and we need more!!
Deadline is Wednesday, September 12th!!! (I meant 12th!)
That's the deadline for LIMS3 SIGNUPS, ALSO1! SIGN UP HERE!!! We have 6 people, and it would be GREAT if we had more~ C'mon!!
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week 28 theme

This is [info]pot_itournament, not a doujin community!! XD

Hi! I bring you the start of WEEK 28!!
I'm trying to be creative with the themes... this week will be PROVIDED DOUJINSHI!
I couldn't decide between just two, and I definitelly wanted to give more than one... SO!! HERE'S THREE!! HERE I GO!1
These are all taken from wonderful scanslation groups or people, so I'm providing links to the origional posts. I provided some info, but more information can usually be found at the linked post. :D Pairings can be seen from the cover, mostly...

NOTE: flyawayxx has graciously dled and uploaded all the pages of the doujin's here. If you don't want to download all of it, then you can just view them there, and use them from there. (:
When you get there, you click the subfolders. They're named by title-pairing-rating.

Kimi to Tenohira (that's chotarou on the cover.)
Rating: G
Circle: Pink Panthers
Link: here @ t_akai_inazuma

Spleen Butterfly
Rating: R
Circle: E-plus
Link: here @ otakupinkYou can also just view (or download, I guess) the raw scans here, scanned by goldie (@ chinkofairy).

Rating: R
Circle: Cascade
Link: here @ minkyleigh's

Sorry if some of the ratings are too extreme. D;
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Sign-up for LIMS3 is open here!!
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LIMS2 news, LIMS3 signup

Hello! :D Me, the really inexperienced mod who isn't good at making desicisions, has a really important notice for our LIMS2 participants (or, some of them, anyway.)

Ahem. *nervously clears throat*
During the 2nd to last week, spottedtail was allowed to use an excused absence. If you think about this (for like, 2 milliseconds) you realize that it's kind of dumb. Yet, I didn't when the time came. :D;;
With her consent, she has been penalized/disqualified (I don't know what word to use), and the winner of LIMS2 is kaneha.
The rules will be changed to incorperate this new development in them.
You can think of it like this -- she was origionally disqualified when week 4 voting was posted, but false alarms were given to kaneha as having to participate in an extra week.
Or something. DX

So this post will also start LIMS3!! If you want to participate, please comment here stating so. (:
Sorry for the screw up -- if you still don't trust me as a decent mod, make suggestions, or leave our community for a better one, or something. You don't have to go and keep hating me. DX But I'm trying.
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Sign-ups will end Wednesday, September 12th.

Participants so far:

Week 28 will be up in a jiffy is up!
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LIMS2 week 4 results

ATTENTION: Most of this post is.. er.. outdated!! Situations have changed; please check this post!

Hi~ We have been forced to drop week 27. :| I'll have week 28 up tomorrow, I need to go to bed. DX

Just here to post LIMS2 week 4 results (:
Sorry for bad decision making on my part and letting spottedtail use her excused absence on the 2nd to last week - that was kind of dumb. Sorry for being a dumb mod. D:
Best of show: kaneha
Leaving us: Image and video hosting by TinyPic iceduelist
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Participants for the last week are spottedtail and kaneha. Sorry again for bad desicion making DX

Thank you (:

LIMS2 week 5 will also be up tomorrow, sorry!